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2018: Nature:  1 (Mark Waller);   Science:  1  (Shixun Cao);  Nature Chemistry: 1  (Jeffrey Reimers);  PNAS: 1  (Jeffrey Reimers);  Phys.Rev.Lett: 1 (Wei Ren); 
2017: Nature Reviews Chemistry: 1 (Jeffrey Reimers); 
2016: PNAS: 1  (Jeffrey Reimers);  Chemical Science: 1  (Jeffrey Reimers); 
2015: PNAS: 1  (Jeffrey Reimers); 
2014: JACS: 1  (Jeffrey Reimers); 

ICQMS articles in other top journals (11):
PRL: 2
Chem Sci: 2
Carbon: 2
Adv. Mat.: 1
Adv. Funct. Mat.: 1
Nano Lett: 1

ICQMS articles in high quality field specific journals (61):
2D Mat.: 2
JPC-Letters: 1
Nanoscale: 1
Small: 1
PRB: 14
Acta. Cryst. D: 3
PCCP: 11
Sci. Rep.: 10
JPC-C: 4
Langmuir: 1
BBA: 1
JCP: 3
P.R. App: 1
ACS Central Sci: 1
JPC-A: 2
Inorg Chem: 1
RSC-Advances: 2
JPC-B: 1
AIP-Advances: 1

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[163] Li M, Reimers J R, Dobson J F, et al. Faraday-cage screening reveals intrinsic aspects of the van der Waals attraction. PNAS accepted. doi: click link (2018)

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