1-7 July, 2019
International School on Crystallographic Groups
& Their Representations
Workshop on Topological Insulators
国际晶体学会暑期学校:晶体学群论及其表示 & 拓扑绝缘体Workshop

            This first school introduced the theory and application of space group symmetry in solid materials science, focusing on the use of computational tools of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server (BCS) to study structural phase transitions, symmetry mode analysis, crystal structure comparison, magnetic symmetry and other important topics in solid state physics. For the first time, a DFT part was introduced in the BCS school for studying the electric polarization of organic-inorganic crystals, the phonon properties of materials, the prediction and computational design of new materials. The participants also combined their own research experience and conducted an in-depth interactive discussion focusing ona wide range of subjects. Participants greatly benefited from the school according to their feedback. This international school has played a positive role in promoting different levels of collaborations among all the participants and researchers working in the field of materials science, condensed-matter physics, chemistry and crystallography. (More.)

           In view of the wide acclaim received from the participants, we decided to organize again the school. This time there is an important addition in order to consider the progress made in the field of topological insulators by applying group theory (https://www.nature.com/articles/nature23268). The 2019 workshop will provide the crystallographic and group theoretical background necessary for the understanding and application of symmetry methods and techniques in topological quantum systems. The lectures will be complemented by exercises to help the participants to get some practical knowledge in crystallographic groups and their representations. Through examples and hands-on sessions the participants will gain experience in the use of the online tools of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server (BCS) to solve specific problems related to electronic properties of topological solids.
            Participants of the Shanghai school are invited to submit contributions to a special issue of Crystal Research and Technology that will be published on occasion of the MaThCryst 2019 Summer events, with a link to MaThCryst website http://www.crystallography.fr/mathcryst/shanghai2019.php .



Important dates:
June 05, 2019
Deadline for registration
and abstract submission
June 10, 2019
Payment deadline
June 30, 2019
July 01, 2019
Start of the workshop
July 07, 2019
End of the workshop