Postdoc and Professorships in ICQMS
Shanghai University ( is seeking outstanding investigators for full-time tenure-track positions in Computational Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics, at the ranks of Postdoc, Assistant Professor through Full professor. Candidates will be part of the newly created International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structures (ICQMS, and be eligible for parallel Adjoint Appointments at Department of Physics, Shanghai University.

We are seeking candidates of exceptional scientific talent with demonstrated success in the development and/or application of computer simulations based on classical/quantum mechanics and/or first principles related approaches to applications in following areas:
Condensed Matter Physics
Materials Science
Chemical Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Quantum chemistry
Quantum dynamics and Molecular dynamics
The primary objectives are:
1. Using combined quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics to do refinement of the protein crystals, and related molecular dynamics simulations
2. Using first principle to develop the methodology of investigating the mechanism of self-assembly of organic monolayers on materials
3. Using first principle and Cellular Automata to develop new generation electronics
4. Development and application of DFT-based methods for (1) magnetic and ferroelectric materials; (2) two-dimensional layered materials. However, development of applications involving functional materials design, spintronics, and quantum transport are also envisaged.
5. Path integral based quantum dynamics simulations of gas phase reactions or condensed phase.
6. Molecular spectra in both gas phase and condensed phase.
7. Molecular dynamics simulations for biomolecules and other condensed phase systems, including conventional MD, ab initio MD, and various QM/MM MD methods.
All positions require a PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Materials or a related discipline. Successful candidates will be expected to raise external grant funding, supervise post-graduate PhD and Masters students, give graduate and undergraduate lectures in English, participate in activities of the Department of Physics at Shanghai University, and carry out scientific collaborations.

Shanghai University is a well-funded, internationally connected, rapidly rising University with a strong profile in Materials Science, and indeed under the direction of University President Prof. H.J. Luo is a central player in the extensive Chinese Materials Genome Initiative project, to which ICQMS will contribute.

The start date is negotiable, or until the positions are filled.

Shanghai University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified persons are encouraged to apply. The positions come with generous salary and benefits packages, as well as with extensive research and travel support guaranteed for startup.

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae including lists of publications, summaries of their research interests, summaries of research proposals, lists of prizes and awards, summaries of teaching, community service and administrative experience, and have three reference letters sent directly to our Director Dr. Jeff Reimers (, and Deputy director: Dr. Wei Ren (


上海大学诚聘计算材料、凝聚态、物理化学领域教师/研究员多名,加盟新成立的量子和分子结构国际中心,并且可在悉尼科技大学兼职工作。职务要求:经典力学/量子力学/第一原理计算在以上领域的应用和开发,主要目标是信息电子功能材料、磁性极化材料、二维层状体系、蛋白质晶体和DNA晶体结构精修,以及材料设计、自组装单层、量子动力学、分子光谱、表面催化等。需要物理化学或者相关学科的博士学位,以及突出的博士后工作表现,英语娴熟。除了完成上述课题也鼓励相关领域的自由探索。工作内容:申请科研经费,指导研究生,开设研究生和本科课程,完成院系工作任务,开展国际合作工作。上海大学是上海市属、国家“211工程”重点建设的综合性大学,是国家教育部与上海市人民政府共建高校,首批“卓越工程师教育培养计划”重点建设高校。上海大学欢迎海内外有志之士加入,并将提供优厚的工资福利和研究经费。工作开始时间:2015年-2016年。应聘者可发送简历/论著/研究兴趣和计划/奖励荣誉/教学经历/行政服务/3封推荐信到 和