Prof. Jeffrey Reimers received a cordial meeting with Premier Li Keqiang


农历新春佳节到来之际,Prof. Jeffrey Reimers和同样在华工作的部分外国专家5日下午在人民大会堂接受了国务院总理李克强的亲切会见,并参加了座谈会。李克强代表中国政府和人民,向外国专家和他们的家属致以新春祝福,向所有支持中国改革开放和现代化建设的国际友人表示诚挚问候。

Just before the Chinese New Year Spring Festival, Prof. Jeffrey Reimers and some other international experts working in China had a cordial meeting with Premier Li Keqiang at the Peoples Great Hall in Beijing on Feb 5, 2016. Premier Li Keqiang on behalf of the Chinese government and people, expressed to foreign experts and their families the New Year greetings, for all their support of China’s modernization and international friendship.